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Alberta COVID-19 Update Oct. 21, 2021

Live-blogging was covered in my second-year journalism program at SAIT, and I covered a COVID-19 press conference with Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer, Deena Hinshaw.

ScribbleLive was used, and I chose to link it to my Twitter account, which saw a couple shares, one from a Calgary news/events page, and another from a university professor.

The conference was short, sitting at almost 15 minutes, so it proved a challenge since I did not expect it would be so short.

Thankfully, I had a couple tweets/posts prior to the event getting started, and then I summarized what was said at the press briefing.

I made an error on some of the numbers, like the number of COVID-19 cases, so I learned that I should be to the point and less wordy with my posts, that way I get to the point and can retain information as I hear it.